Dalby Report

Dalby Report
  • Yarding: Total yarding: 4880 GDL: 1503
  • Dalby Commercial Cattle Report – 18/04/18

    By Jordan Wenham

    Total yarding: 4880 GDL: 1503

    It was a smaller yarding today with consignments from Blackall, Roma, Meandarra, Kingaroy as well as the local area. It was a cheaper market with weaner cattle struggling the most. Bullocks topped at 270c averaging in low 260s. 4 score cows topped at 216c averaging around 205c, back 5 cents. Light weight weaner steers topped at 322 cents and averaged 305 cents which was around 20 cents cheaper on last week. A very good line of Simmental and Charolais cross weaner steers sold to 310.2 cents weighing 290kgs.


    Charolais X Ylg steers sold by GT & CE Patteson of Kingaroy to re-stockers 310.2c, 295kg, Av $915  Charolais X Ylg heifers sold by GT & CE Patteson of Kingaroy to re-stockers 276.2c, 335kg, Av $925

    Angus X steers sold by Gibson Partnership of Dalby to processors 268c, 639kg, Av $1713

    D/Master bulls sold by EJ Nolan of Moonie to processors 243.2c, 945kg, Av $2298 D/Master X cows sold by EJ Nolan of Moonie to processors 215.2c, 542kg, Av $1167

    Angus X heifers sold by ME & TA Carmody of Dalby to feedlotters 262.2c, 368kg, Av $964

    D/Master X steers sold by Lagoon Pastoral Co of Dalby to feedlotters 286.2c, 458kg, Av $1312  


    Dalby Cattle Sale 18/4/18 - Market Report with Jordan Wenham GDL Dalby

     Dalby report date 18 Apr 2018

    Yarding 4880 

    Numbers reduced by 39% and buyer attendance was generally good and most were operating in a cheaper market. Cattle were drawn from a wide area of Queensland plus South Australia and New South Wales. Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock averaged 20c cheaper, with lesser quality lines over 30c/kg cheaper. However light weight heifers to backgrounders or restockers were well supplied and sold to a market within 3c/kg of last weeks prices.

    Medium weight yearling steers and heifers to feed eased on averaged 12c to 14c/kg. However the heavy weight yearling steers to feed averaged 5c/kg cheaper. Heavy grown steers and bullocks sold to a cheaper trend to ease 6c to 13c/kg. Cows declined in price a further 3c to 6c and up to 11c/kg against the large losses experienced the previous sale.

    Steer calves returning to the paddock made to 322.2c and heifer calves 318.2c with most around 308c/kg. A few light weight drought affected calves made to 353.2c/kg. A large selection of light weight yearling steers returned to the paddock at an average of 305c with some to 324.2c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged 277c with one line reaching 288.2c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers over 400kg to feed averaged 282c and sold to 286.2c/kg.

    The large supply of light weight yearling heifers sold to feeder operators or backgrounders at an average of 262c with isolated sales to 298.2c/kg.

    Medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 254c with a few sales to 266.2c/kg. Heavy weight yearling heifers to feed averaged in the 240c/kg range and a fair sample to the trade made to 263.2c/kg.

    Supplementary fed heavy grown steers made to 275.2c while the remainder out of the paddock made to 267.2c to average 262c/kg.

    Bullocks reached 268c with a fair sample averaging 262c/kg. Medium weight 2 score cows averaged 174c and the best of the medium weights made to 206.2c to average 200c/kg. Good heavy cows were well supplied and averaged close to 207c with the occasional sale to 216.2c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 240.2c/kg.

    Please note there will be no sale on Wednesday, 25th of April due to Anzac Day, however a special sale will be held on Friday, 27th April


    Joe Lehman - 0448 802 060

    Anthony O’Dwyer - 0408 195 114

    Jordan Wenham – 0437 715 017

    GDL Dalby Office – (07) 4669 6955



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