By all reports it is wide spread (Or Is It )

Has the rain hit the spot well going by all the reports it has been pretty wide spread, (Or has it).

On the phone to Brooke Jefferis when Cloncurry had 300mm yet 60klm away at Elrose they had only 8mm they then recorded for the 24 hours 50mm.

Just to put in all in perspective we were receiving reports that falls of 72mm have been recorded in Richmond, Roger Jefferis said that Artesian up the road has not had a drop.
Roger said that the rain he has received at Elrose has been welcome rain all we need now is the dams to fill, and the rest will be history.


Roger Jefferis Elrose 

Welcome rain at Elrose all we need is the dams to fill 

It’s a great world the digital world instant reporting out stations even get the chance to record their mm rain to the valued audience.
If you have been watching the Who Got Rain blog excitement hitting the screen every click of the keyboard.
Then when you know all the surrounding areas you start to feel for the ones that are watching it fall on neighbours place in big drops.
Yes it is welcoming rain and has filled in spots that needed it badly but some still watching it go round them.


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