Roma Report

Location: Prime and Store Cattle brought to you by GDL and ROMA SALEYARDS
Yarding: 6786 GDL 996
Report Date: Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Roma Store Sale 11th May

A very good yarding in Roma this week with a large buying presence.

All categories were strong. Lightweight heifers to restockers were 20-40c dearer.

PTIC heifers made up to $2500.

Cattle numbers rose this week to 6,786 head, up by 1,318 at the Roma Store Sale.

Around two thirds of the yarding was drawn from Western and North Western Queensland the overall quality of the yarding was mixed with a good proportion of cattle presented in store condition.

A larger buying panel was present and operating and included all regular processors, which saw an increase in restocker competition with northern restockers swelling the buying panel numbers.

Steers accounted for over half of the yarding which again included a large single vendor run of PTIC heifers, along with PTIC cows, which sold to very strong restocker demand. Competition remained firm, with prices improving across the steers portion from the previous week, while heifers saw improvements in places.

Cows to processors eased however solid restocker demand led to improvements for cows returning to the paddock.

Light weight steers improved by 12c to 31c.

The lead of the medium weight steers to feed improved by 6c to 11c.

Heavy weight steers improved by 6c to 12c.

Light weight heifers to restockers improved by 7c to 42c, while medium weight yearling heifers under 330kg to feed fell by 19c/kg. Meduim weight heifers under 400kg to feed improved by 10c, with heavy weight heifers to feed also improving, up y 13c/kg.

Heavy weight cows fell in price by 2c to 3c/kg.

 Video Report Tuesday 11th May with Sam Clarke, GDL Roma



Santa X Steers 598c/kg, 229kg, $1372.

Angus X Steers 588c/kg, 236kg $1388.

Charolais X Steers 544c/kg, 267kg, $1454.

Angus X Steers 540c/kg, 300kg, $1623.

Santa X Steers 538c/kg, 273kg, $1472.

Angus X Steers 538c/kg, 264kg, $1424.

Santa X Steers 532c/kg, 277kg, $1477.

Santa X Steers 520c/kg, 274kg, $1429.

Droughtmaster X Steers 512c/kg, 311kg, $1592.

Charolais X Steers 506c/kg, 320kg, $1622.

Angus X Steers 502c/kg, 323kg, $1624.

Santa X Steers 502c/kg, 315kg, $1581.

Santa X Steers 500c/kg, 346kg, $1734.

Charolais X Steers 438c/kg, 423kg, $1854.

Charolais X Steers 423c/kg, 451kg, $1910.

Droughtmaster x Mickeys 570c/kg, 226kg, $1290.

Santa X Heifers 581c/kg, 196kg, $1142.

Angus X Heifers 550c/kg, 232kg, $1278.

Angus X Heifers 541c/kg, 271kg, $1466.

Santa X Heifers 456c/kg, 368kg, $1678.



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SAM CLARKE  -  0429 518 218

GEOFF MASLEN – 0427 697 527 

 NICK SHORTEN – 0429 624 091 

 ROMA OFFICE – 07 4622 7799


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