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Australia is the world’s largest exporter of sheep and cattle. According to MLA 2.44 million sheep were exported to markets in Asia and the Middle East in 2012, reduced from 4.2 million in 2008. The total number of cattle exported in 2012 was 617, 301, down 11% from the previous year. Indonesia accounted for 45% of total live cattle exports from Australia in 2012. Total cattle exports to Indonesia reduced by 33% from 2011.

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1600 X cattle bound for China

A big step beef cattle trade to China,

 (Patrick Underwood and Tom Kennedy)  ALEC said the consignment of 1600 crossbred cattle had been prepared by the North Australian Cattle Company and is scheduled to discharge in China's Zhejiang province after a 10-day voyage.   “Given that export agreement applies specific conditions on the export of cattle sourced from Australia’s bluetongue zone, this week’s...

The family exporting Australian Brahman cows to Thailand

Olive Brahmans has firmly established a brand name

PROUDLY BROUGHT TO YOU BY NAB   The family exporting Australian Brahman cows to Thailand   After suffering through two droughts in 10 years, the fortunes of Central Queensland cattle stud Olive Brahmans turned around when they met a Thai investor interested in their Brahman cows.   When Ross and Natalie Olive of Olive Brahmans cattle stud reluctantly showed their...

City played a role in Old West cattle drives

Becoming part of the U.S. offered Texas ranchers more markets.

Actors like John Wayne and Gary Cooper made the legends of cowboy’s part of American folklore. Many Americans know about the Chisholm and the Loving-Goodnight trails -- routes Texas cowboys followed to drive vast herds of cattle north to railroads and markets in Kansas after the Civil War. On a webpage titled "Cattle Folk 1850-1880s," the Bullock Texas State History Museum said, "From the...

CEO Alison Penfold to step down

I leave with ALEC committed to improving levels of engagement

  CHAIRMAN of the Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council, Hon Simon Crean, has today announced that Alison Penfold will step down as Chief Executive Officer at the end of July. Mr Crean said Ms Penfold, who has been CEO of ALEC since February 2012, had decided to pursue other professional opportunities, a move which ALEC directors understood and fully supported. Mr Crean, who made...

Online cattle auction aims to shake up U.S. meat market.

Producers have been worried for years.

Online cattle auction aims to shake up U.S. meat market A proposal for an online auction that could shake up the U.S. pricing model for cattle is set to make its public debut on Friday after a test run last week, with the support of a unit of the world's largest meatpacker. Producers have worried for years that the country's existing method for pricing cattle headed to slaughter can...

After First Two Voyages End in Failure

Hoping to secure additional livestock at lower prices after the first two voyages ended in disappointment.

Jakarta. The government is expected to add two ports of call for its flagship cattle vessel, hoping to secure additional livestock at lower prices after the first two voyages ended in disappointment. The cattle ship, known as Camara Nusantara I, will now call on Waingapu and Lembar, on its planned route from a starting point in Kupang; other stops include Bima, Tanjung Perak, Tanjung Emas and...

Mobile Hotspots activated to increase remote connectivity

$367,000 NT Government funded project

Mobile Hotspots activated to increase remote connectivityTwo remote Northern Territory locations will now have access to vital mobile phone coverage thanks to the installation of the first Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) Hotspots. Minister for Corporate and Information Services Peter Styles said the telecommunications Hotspots are now active as part of the $367,000 NT Government funded...

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