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SEALS and Yarra Corp announce partnership

Yarra Corp’s new demand and distribution networks across China.



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SEALS and Yarra Corp announce partnership geared towards Asian livestock exports

(Darwin) South East Asian Livestock Services (SEALS) has announced that Singapore’s Yarra Corporation (Yarra Corp) has taken up controlling stake in the company. The partnership aims to bring the Asian market closer together with Australian resources, and comes at a time when Australian livestock exporters are looking to the Chinese market for organic growth.
Under this new arrangement, Yarra Corp will provide new capital and participate in the business development of SEALS, which will retain its management team and continue trading in its existing markets under the same name. With a longstanding clientele predominantly based in Southeast Asia, SEALS will be able to capitalise on Yarra Corp’s new demand and distribution networks across China. This gives SEALS greater buying power during the sourcing of cattle, whilst spreading risk associated with market fluctuations and regulatory uncertainties.

John Kaus, Chairman of SEALS, believes that “SEALS is a great fit in the Yarra Corp’s portfolio of companies, enabling us to continue servicing our longer term customer base while developing new business opportunities within north Asia. SEALS has an extremely loyal client base with some dating back to our formation in the 1990s. We have structured the deal to ensure that our long-term clientele will benefit from the change whilst giving us the ability to extend our services into new regions.”

Bradley Leahey, Chief Executive of Yarra Corp, believes that this partnership also brings the company closer towards establishing a fully integrated supply chain with better cost control and quality assurance when providing for its customer base in China. “Our vision is to be a one-stop shop, where we can provide our customers with the freshest products from paddock to plate, and the most value-for-money produce directly from Australia,” says Bradley. “We have always admired John’s and his team’s dedication, and are excited to be working alongside SEALS in this new phase.”

About Yarra Corp:
Headquartered in Singapore, Yarra Corporation introduces high quality, clean, and fresh Australian produce to the Asian markets. The company aims to be vertically integrated, with a team of experts in the agricultural, food processing, and hospitality sector. This ensures the finest and most competitive offerings are presented to its distributors and consumers. Currently tapping on its rapid economic growth and the Chinese’s affinity to Australia's produce, there is a huge opportunity for Yarra Corp to bridge the gap in the Chinese market.

About SEALS:
Founded in 1996 by principal John Kaus and Northern Territory livestock export legend Sid Parker, SEALS has a stable position in the Southeast Asian livestock export market today. The company prides itself as having an international team of passionate professionals dedicated to the livestock trade and animal welfare. Over the last decade, SEALS has supplied more than 400,000 head of cattle to the Southeast Asian market, building a successful business relationship amongst importers.


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