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Protest Meetings across the State

Vegetation management laws

Protest Meetings across the State

One hundred Protestors opposed to planned vegetation management laws weathered the conditions in Townsville to show the Government they are a force to be reckon with when they marched on to the office of Aaron Harper MP.

Also in Townsville a second rally at Soroptimist Park in Townsville ahead of the public hearing at Seagulls Seafront restaurant starting at 4pm.

Regional and rural Queenslanders will hold protest rallies across the state this week to voice their opposition to new vegetation management laws that will make it harder to grow food.

AgForce General President Grant Maudsley said a groundswell of anger was building over the proposed changes with the community protests co-inciding with five Parliamentary committee hearings being held in regional Queensland over three days this week.

“These laws are the worst of both worlds. The Palaszczuk Government will make it harder for farmers to grow food and they won’t deliver the best environmental outcomes either,” he said.

“At a time when global demand for our great food and fibre is at all-time high, these laws will shut down new agricultural development opportunities in Queensland.

“Farmers just want fair and workable laws to grow more food, create jobs and look after their environment without being strangled in red tape. It’s pretty simple - if farmers can’t feed their own families, they can’t feed yours.”


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