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John Quintana Inducted into the Bull Riding Hall of Fame

It's an 8 second ride of which legends are made.

John Quintana Inducted into the Bull Riding Hall of Fame

John Quintana 1948-2013

What a fitting reward for a true champion and a great mate John Quintana he has been inducted in the Bull Riding Hall of Fame for 2016.
All the good times and laughs will never be forgotten by both Terry O’Hanlon and myself we sadly miss you old mate.

At Buddha Handy s Pub. (Photo taken in a mirror)


CLASS of 2016

The Bull Riding Hall of Fame Inductees 2016
The Bull Riding Hall of Fame is excited to announce the Class of 2016 Inductees!
With over 90% of The BRHOF membership casting ballots, we are proud and honoured to introduce and commemorate this phenomenal class of inductees in each of the 4 categories...
In "The Legends" category, The Steiner Rodeo Company and Harry Vold are the 2 inductees.
In "The Bulls" category, the legendary bucking bull, Tornado, owned by Jim Shoulders, gets the induction.
"The Bull Fighters" category inductee is the great Kajun Kidd (D.J. Gaudin).
"The Bull Riders" category features a phenomenal group of inductees that came down to the final few days of voting. The lineup includes 7 of the greatest legendary riders of all-time...Myrtis Dightman, John Quintana, Gary Leffew, Jim Sharp, Terry Don West, Jack Wiseman and Tuff Hedeman.
The Bull Riding Hall of Fame is also excited to announce plans for the upcoming Induction Ceremonies and Reunion in Fort Worth, Texas. This event will also be the official Grand-Opening of The BRHOF at the Cowtown Coliseum.


The Bull Riding Hall of Fame!

It's an 8 second ride of which legends are made...

An athlete matching skills with a ton of raw power with cat-like agility.
Whether you're a bull rider or a lover of the sport, you know there's not a competition in the world that's as demanding or as dangerous as bull riding!
Our great sport has a legendary history that is as colorful and rich in tradition as any sport in the world.

From the early days, champions have emerged and excelled. The legacies of these greats live today in the hearts and souls of bull riding lovers everywhere.

Since its beginnings in rodeo, bull riding has been the most exciting and popular of all the rodeo events. Along the way it has also evolved into a stand-alone sport with its own captivating identity.
It's undeniably a sport like no other!


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