Cattle Market Reports

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Blackall Report

  • Location: Blackall
  • Yarding: YARDING 1620
  •   16th November 2017 Blackall Combined Agents yarded 1620 head at the Prime and Store sale this week. Cattle were sourced locally from Blackall, Tambo and Barcaldine along with consignments...

    Charters Towers Report

  • Location: Charters Towers
  • Yarding: Yarded 2430
  •   Wednesday – 22nd November, 2017 Charters Towers Combined Agents yarded a total of 2430hd. Cattle consisting of 1130 Prime Cattle and 1300 Store Cattle. The Prime Cattle consisted of...

    Dalby Report

  • Yarding: Total yarding 4043
  •    Dalby report date 22 Nov 2017 Yarding 4043  Wide spread rain in some of the Western areas restricted some movements of cattle, although there were consignments from the...

    Emerald Report

  • Yarding: Yarding 2000
  •   THURSDAY 16th November 2017 Numbers remained similar to last week when the combined agents offer 2000 head at Emerald today. Cattle were sourced from predominately within the local and near...

    Gracemere Report

  • Location: Rockhampton
  • Yarding: Yarding 3031
  • GRACEMERE CATTLE SALE 17th November 2017 Gracemere agents yarded 3031 head today comprising of 1249 Steers, 1244 Heifers, 452 Cows, 57 Cows & Calves and 29 Bulls. Cattle came from...

    Mareeba Cattle Market

  • Location: Mareeba
  • Yarding: Yarded 543
  • Jacko Reports IMPROVEMENT IN THE MARKET AT MAREEBA TODAY OX A/c R & C Ludwig 6 Ox - Ave. 267.2/kg – 574.2kg = $1534.17 per head Tuesday 21st November 2017 Total yarding 543 head including 4...

    Roma Report

  • Location: Prime and Store Cattle brought to you by GDL and MLA
  • Yarding: STORE 5636
  • Roma Store report date 31 Oct 2017 Yarding 5636  There was a yarding of 5,636 head today at Roma Store sale, up 3,360 head on last week. All buyers were present and operating in a...

    Toowoomba Report

  • Location: Toowoomba
  • Yarding: 842
  • Toowoomba report date 20 Nov 2017 Yarding 842  There were a few more cattle yarded this week for a total of 842 head. The yarding consisted of a good supply of yearlings, along with...

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