Charters Towers Report

Charters Towers Report
  • Location: Charters Towers
  • Yarding: Yarded 2430

    Wednesday – 22nd November, 2017

    Charters Towers Combined Agents yarded a total of 2430hd.

    Cattle consisting of 1130 Prime Cattle and 1300 Store Cattle.

    The Prime Cattle consisted of 298 Bullocks, 83 Heifers, 615 Cows and 134 Bulls.

    Store Cattle consisted of: 766 Steers, 522 Heifers and 12 Cows & Calves.

    Cattle comprised of good lines of heavy Bullocks and Cows, as well a large number of Bulls. The yarding was drawn from Croydon, Normanton, Richmond, Tully, El-arish, Coastal and Local areas. Bullocks were quoted 3¢ easier, Heifers were 2¢ dearer, Cows were 8¢ easier and Bulls were 7¢ dearer, on last week’s rates.

     Prime Quotes

    · Pen of Bullocks topped at 280.2¢/kg for 11 head sold on a/c Mt. Douglas that weighed 579kg to return $1,622 per head.

    · Best priced Trade Heifers were presented on a/c Townsville Earthmoving and sold for 270.2¢/kg that weighed 459kg and return $1,241 per head.

    · The top pen of Cows were sold by Pedracini Grazing Pty Ltd for 238.2¢/kg and weighed 518kg to return $1,235 per head.

    · Bulls sold on a/c Tapiolas Farming topped at 258.2¢/kg and weighed 690kg to return $1,781 per head.

    Store Quotes

    Coastal Cattle.The 1300 Store cattle were made up of a lot of Northern Cattle consisting of large lines of Weaner Steers and Heifers with some Local and

    · A pen of 25 Brahman Steers a/c Fleetwood Grazing made 359.2¢/kg and weighed 148kg returning an average of $531 per head.

    · A good pen of 31 Heifers a/c Claraville Station made 338.2¢/kg, weighed 120.6kg & returned $408 per head.

    · Cows & Calves sold on a/c Blue Dog Brahmans returned $1750 per unit.

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