Mareeba Cattle Market

Location: Mareeba
Yarding: 119
Report Date: Tuesday, 20 February 2024

Ian's Sale Report 20th February 2024

There were 119 head yarded in Mareeba this week.

This is down approximately 100head on last week.

Limited numbers presented in the fat market, with just a handful of good quality cows and one bull.

The cows made a top of 198cents/kg, with average of approx. 170cents/kg. In the store market, there was a good line up with both crossbred and Brahman type cattle on offer.

The good quality Brahmans made approx 300cents/kg. The crossbred type cattle, suitable to go back on to feed on the Tablelands, in the 200kg yearling range made a top price of 320cents/kg.

In the older steers, 200-300kg weight range, the tops of these made 334cents/kg. There was a handful of heifers on offer. Quality animals around the 400kg weight, got to 222cents/kg, to average 212cents/kg.

As we saw at the end of 2023, quality cattle bring the rate, and that was certainly evident again today.

Quality crossbred type cattle, non-HGP, are getting premium rates which are equivalent to what is being paid in most Queensland saleyards at present.


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