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Golden Advantage Sale Clermont 7th November

Selling 30 bulls and 3 registered heifers

Golden Advantage Sale, Clermont..


Selling 30 bulls and 3 registered heifers

Participating Vendors 

Weetalabah Cattle  Aderian and Julie Nixon

Mickey Mouse  Aleacea Nixon

Kevlor Gelbvieh  Annie Minehan

Calveston Tracie and Michael Borg



Hoch & Wilkinson Livestock Clermont

Tony Hoch
mobile 0448 831 553

Jake Passfield
mobile 0488 588 044

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Weetalabah Cattle

Is run by Aderian and Julie Nixon at Dulacca QLD. Bulls are rotated between being hand fed and fed in self-feeders when the grass dries off over winter. They are fed a lite ration so as to guarantee the bulls will last a lifetime for their new owners. The bulls are bred not fed!!!! All the show cattle come out of the paddock and must perform in the paddock first, before becoming show bulls. No creep feeding, the cattle are run under commercial conditions, where the cows are run on native and improved grasses with lick and lick blocks being used as the only supplement. What you see is what you get. We stand behind our cattle. Fully guaranteed.

Weetalabah started breeding Gelbvieh in 1998 with the purchase of SJ Willy R21 from Steve Sullivans dispersal sale. The Ultra Violet, Cup Cake, Shady Lady Line and the last of Clyde Johnson’s Lady in Red have been added to the herd over the years. Sarsha, Dina and Destiny’s Day line added from Glendale Stud in WA in 2008, after a visit in 2007. Glenisa Princess was added in 2008 from the windup of the Glenisa Gelbvieh herd. Females from these amazing lines have been kept over the years with the occasional female being sold privately. This will be a rare opportunity to grab some elite females from the top of the Weetalabah Herd.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse was started in 2015 by Aleacea Nixon, after being given a few females from her parents. They go back to the great Willy, Sarsha and Princess females from Weetalabah. The highlight for Aleacea has been having the Junior Champion and Grand Champion Bull, reserve senior bull and reserve junior bull at Ekka in 2018. Aleacea is still building up her herd and will have 1 young bull in this sale. The Mickey Mouse herd is run completely with the Weetalabah herd and are treated exactly the same.

Kevlor Gelbvieh

Was started after Annie Minehan fell in love with Gelbvieh cattle, when working for Aderian and Julie during work experience. They gave her a female to start her own stud in 2014 and after a few years and hard work, she was able to purchase a few females from some of the top studs in Australia to create her baseline of cows. Along with Aderian and Julie semen from the outstanding Canadian Bull, RWG Right Combination was purchased and has been a game changer in the Kevlor breeding program. Consisting of appox 20 head the cattle are run alongside the Weetalabah Herd, fed the same, bred the same and perform the same. Kevlor is pleased to have 4 bulls available in this sale.


Owned by Tracie and Michael Borg, where they run a large grazing and cropping property at ‘Calveston’, North of Clermont, QLD. They were introduced to the breed 22 years ago, when they purchased their first bull, and they joined him to their cows with other Brahman bulls. They were then so surprised to have lots of offspring and were very happy with the temperament and the quality and growth in the calves that they have had Gelbvieh ever since!!! The Borg’s find the Gelbvieh cross calves have very quick growth rates, and easily make bullocks with milk teeth dressing at 300-350kg. The Borg’s have also observed that the Gelbvieh Bulls they have used have a very strong Poll Gene. Most of their Brahman herd is horned, however they are finding they are still getting 80% poll calves. They will have 9 purebred and 3 Gelbvieh Brahman bulls in the sale.


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